To know about Eiwa Bussan

Who is Eiwa Bussan?

A trading company that supports sales promotion in overseas markets and material procurement from overseas.
In terms of sales promotion, we are consistently building an integrated sales structure starting from overseas market research to direct promotion and customer service locally.
On the other hand, in procurement support, we can offer a comprehensive range of proposals, from materials to manufacturing equipment.
In addition to sales promotion and procurement, support for trade practices can also available regardless of industry!

Who is Eiwa Bussan?

Strength of Eiwa Bussan

50-years experience

Eiwabussan was founded in April 1966 and celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2016.
During this period, we have exported and imported a wide variety of products to countries around the world, selling products that meet the needs of the times, and procuring materials. Based on our experience and business network across the planet, we will continue to develop and grow business with our customers and partners.
If you are having a trouble or facing some difficulties with trade, Eiwa Bussan will definitely be of use to you.

Finely tuned responsiveness not available from major trading companies

We frequently receive such inquiry.

Overseas clients wanted to purchase products from major Japanese manufacturers, and when they contacted the manufacturer, they could not purchase the product directly. So they were introduced to a major trade company by the manufacturer. However, the Major trade companies declined the inquiry due to the creditability and the small quantity. the client was confused and found Eiwa Bussan while searching for available procurement route.

Eiwa Bussan replied "We'll take care of it!!"

We, of course, will respond to inquiries from overseas or domestic, even if the quantity is small.
If customers are facing some difficulties to Japanese market, Eiwa Bussan will help you as that is our mission and role.

Overseas Network

Through more than 50 years of experience, we have a broad network throughout the world.
In fact, there are many businesses that started with inquiries from those networks.
Even it is market survey or research at initial stage; we would be able to help you in some way. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


In terms of sales promotion in overseas, information such as whether products conform to the conditions of overseas markets, market size and trends, competitors' market shares and their sales strategies, etc. are important in formulating new sales strategies for new market entrants. Through close communication with our overseas partners, we are able to grasp timely local market information, provide relevant information, and propose strategies.
After penetrating the market, in addition to following up customers, we collect valuable information on customer requests and market trends related to our products.

After-sales service

Because transactions with overseas customers are not able to interact frequently and directly with each other, the inability to communicate with each other often leads to misunderstanding each other. Overseas customers sometimes ask for irrational demands and ways of thinking which Japanese people cannot understand. From an foreign perspective, they may think that Japanese people are irrational. Therefore, it is necessary to make adjustments between those companies.
Culture is different between overseas and Japan, so it is important to understand each other well through discussions.
In many cases, it is difficult for Japanese customers to take such time, so we will grasp the situation and intentions through e-mail and teleconferences with overseas customers on a daily basis, and discuss their claims with each company. Eiwa makes every effort to develop the businesses of both sides.

Expansion and development of sales channels for new products

We have handled a wide variety of products, and some of them are not listed on our website.
In addition, we are focusing our efforts on cultivating new markets.
There are some products you want to sell from now on, but you don't have enough sales staff. Or if you have any trouble with marketing, please feel free to contact us regardless of the product or industry related to our website!

Business network

Business network
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