Overseas sales promotions

Sales promotions
(For foreign company : to penetrate Japanese market)

Starting planning to increase overseas sales since domestic market is shrinking!

  • Not sure where is market and its size
  • Starting from scratch is so many obstacle and not even sure where to start
  • We do not know the customers, and do not have overseas sales structure.
  • Post-marketing and follow-through service is not possible.

We've solved such a manufacturer's problem!


Solving the Problems of Many Customers

Case 1

Major manufacturers who want to increase the number of countries which they do business

We offered sales support from scratch for customers who wanted to sell overseas market but lacked sales channels and overseas branches.

  • Identify local partners
  • Selecting potential customers
  • Gathering competitors’ information
  • Customer development and visiting local customer with manufacturers on-site
  • Establish local customer support and inventory systems
  • Support for product development tailored to local markets

Overseas sales growth up to several million in annual sales

Overseas sales of manufacturers, which started from scratch, have been increasing year by year, and sales amount has grown to the scale of several millions (USD) annually.
It started with 1 country, and now has expanded to 7 countries. In addition to raising local product recognition, we have developed a brand.
Today, overseas sales amount accounts for a large proportion of the company's sales.
We are continuing to cultivate new markets!!

Case 2

To build new business by matching manufacturers and users

Due to new product and its low recognition in the market, a manufacturer has no access to target users (customer). Our network made possible to approach the customer, and support to build new business. We have built a new business by linking manufacturers and users.

<Examples of activities to be within specifications>

  • Working with our overseas partners to create sample sets
  • Visit a target customer (user) on-site
  • Responding to Technical Data required by specific users
  • Follow-up of business conditions, logistics, etc. in areas other than products

Successful sales by cultivating target customers that manufacturers want to sell

Although sales amount were small at the time of the launch, transactions grew to a scale of several million(USD) per year.
Through these activities to be within specifications at end-users, the market recognition of our products has risen at once. In addition, we have been investigating other users with high potential and have approached them accordingly.

Case 3

Exporting “Only one technologies” Japanese company has

Even a product that requires a high level of technological expertise and cannot be produced anywhere else by looking around the world, is also adopted by major Japanese companies, and has potential to penetrate overseas market, still has practically difficult to sell overseas under the current sales structure of the company.

Even under such circumstances, Eiwa will sell your company's products overseas ( for foreign company to penetrate Japanese market)!
・Contact overseas customers ( Contact potential Japanese customers)
・First, start with sample work.

There are also examples of a shift to export products that can attract many inquiries from overseas!