Lead wire (CP wire/copper wire/aluminum wire), cable conductor

We offer a broad lineup products of the world's leading manufacturers , which is high-quality and used for a wide range of applications.

CP wire/copper wire

It is used as lead wires and conductors for electronic components which is on printed circuit boards. We offer high-quality, stable products.

CP wire/copper wire
Uniform plating thickness
We supply high-quality products by electroplating through our unique technologies. We can also develop products that meet your requirements.
In recent years, as environmental problems have become serious social issues, we have been providing products that are lead-free.
Electroplating and hot dipping are possible
Both electroplating and hot dipping can be supplied as standard products. It is also possible to develop products that meet customer needs.  
Plating type
Tin plating
Tin + bismuth plating
Tin + copper plating
Silver plating
Nickel plating
Bare copper plating
Bus bar type
CP wire (Fe + Cu plating)
copper wire
Silver-filled copper wire
Oxygen-free copper wire
Brass wire
Phosphor bronze wire
※Hard and soft wires are available respectively.
※Round, square, and flat wire is available.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic capacitors
Varistor, Thermal fuses, resistors,
Diodes, transformers, connector pins,
Communication cables, EDM wires, sensors, etc.
lead05 lead06 lead07

Aluminum wire

High-purity aluminum wires and aluminum round bars are available ( Purity is 99.90% or more)

Aluminum wire
Item 99.99% 99.92% 99.90%
Diameter(㎜) Tensile strength (kgf/㎣) Conductivity(%) Tensile strength (kgf/㎣) Conductivity(%) Tensile strength(kgf/㎣) Conductivity(%)
0.6-1.5 Min.10 Min.63 16-22 Min.61 16-22 Min.61
1.9-2.5 14-19 14-19

※For physical properties, please contact us.

Lead tabs/aluminum rivets (for aluminum electrolytic capacitors), Conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitor, coatings, and accessories

Conductor for communication cable

We supply cable conductors for communications in accordance with the international standards ASTM and BS.

Conductor for communication cable
Item/Application Telecommunication Electricity Harness
Diameter(㎜) 0.5-2.59 1.0-4.1 0.1-1.0
Tensile strength (kgf/㎣) Soft 34-45 Min.35 Min.35
Hard 87-100
Extra Hard Min.110 - -
Conductivity (%) 18-53 18-53 18-53
ASTM B-227
BS  4087 
ASTM B-217
ASTM B-227


Established in Ansan City, Korea in 1982, KISTRON is the world's leading manufacture.
As a leading company in the industry, Kistron has been continually improving quality, developing environmentally friendly products, and responding to customer request.
EIWA BUSSAN began importing the products to Japan in 1990. As a distributor, we support Japanese customers, and maintain our top share with the support of Japanese capacitor manufacturers.
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